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Your Inherited house

You have come into possession of a house, by inheritance and you want to sell it quickly. To start off with, condolences are in order. When someone dies, it is always a difficult time, and a time filled with sadness. Their lifetime possessions, and artefacts need to be sorted out, and distributed to other members of the family and friends. It is difficult to know who gets what and why. You maybe the only person, who has the responsibility thrust upon you. While sorting this out, other issues need to be addressed. Clarification of certain terms, and your obligations in this situation need to be understood.



The probate process will be followed through, if the person, who has died has made a will, that is valid and current. The court, will make sure all debts are paid and assets are dealt out as requested. If there is no will, the deceased person, will be considered to be intestate, and their assets, if they have any, will be sorted out according to state laws, and maybe different from what the deceased person may have desired to happen.


The definition of probate is ‘a legal process, in which a will is reviewed, to determine whether its valid and authentic’  In layman’s terms, it can be explained more simply. When there is a death, the estate of that person, is administered through probate court. This legal process, makes sure debts are paid off, and then the deceased’s property is distributed. A close friend or family member is selected, and is a named executor to observe the process.This process could take months to sort out, resulting in stressful scenarios and aggrevates the already upset beneficiaries. They will be mourning their departed family member, but maybe relying on the money, to help them keep afloat with ongoing costs.

Scottish law is different so you may want to visit


The property you have inherited, may still have an ongoing mortgage. The lender, can call in the rest of the balance, wanting it to be paid off, sooner rather than later. If you don’t have the required funds to pay the loan, a new mortgage in your name will have to be taken out. Most mortgages today, have a due-on-transfer or due-on-sale clause, that is already written in.

Maintenance, violations, taxes

Once the probate process, has been gone through, and the house is yours, you are in sole charge of its update. This involves, maintenance of the premises, both the interior and exterior, property taxes, and correcting code violations. Time and money, needs to be spent on houses, there is always something to repair, update and pay for. But owning a property is beneficial in itself. You will probably not be going to live in the property you have inherited, but you have inherited another role as a landlord if you rent it out. This role, sets certain challenges, collecting rent, tenant screening and interviewing, paying attention to repairs and much more.

Further useful resources:

Citizens Advice

Ni Direct


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How much selling your home will cost Thu, 12 Nov 2015 16:33:06 +0000 The cost of a house sale, has to be balanced with marketing fees. An estate agent is a person, or business that arranges the selling, renting or management of properties, according to the dictionary. Estate agents, can cost between 0.80 percent – 2.6 percent + Vat. depending on the estate agent, and how well you negotiate fees. You could perhaps, double the possibility of selling your property, by using an estate agent, alongside a private sale website. This will only add £100.00 to marketing costs.

Accounting.Finding a buyer yourself, without the estate agent, could save you thousands. This will only happen, if you don’t allow your estate agent to pay for your H.I.P. If you sign up, with an estate agent, you will probably have to sign a sole selling rights agreement. This agreement, entitles them to their fee, no matter who it is that finds the buyer. This type of arrangement, doesn’t make for a happy estate agent. They are protected, by paying for the Home Information packs firstly, but you may not gain the best price for your property, and may in turn de-motivate your estate agent.

Online- estate agents, such as Right move, which is a busy property portal, reaching millions of visitors a month, can be an enterprising and profitable venture. This private house sale will be less costly, perhaps between £550.00 – £650.00. Use of services, such as an online estate agent, and a private sale website are recommended.

Selling a house by auction, will cost at least 2.6 percent + VAT and the cost of the solicitor, who needs to be present at the event. This could save you £100’s if sold successfully.

Solicitor’s Fees – The cost

The definition of a solicitor, is a legal practitioner, who deals with legal matters. How much they charge, for their services, and how good they are, vary substantially. Some have, a standard fixed basic fee. Others, charge a percentage of the property’s value. It doesn’t matter, whether your property is leasehold or freehold. Property advisor, suggest, that budgeting for solicitors legal fees, should be 0.5 -1.00 percent of the value of the property. High street firms, used to have the monopoly, of their local area. Perhaps, today, it’s too much to pay. The internet, has created, much competition cost wise. Some of the best firms, via the internet, act for you for a fraction of that cost. the right solicitor is crucial, if your move is to be anywhere near successful, quick and free from stress. You should consider, which solicitor, you are going to use, very carefully. Don’t base it on price, which might hinder your sale. Their lack of motivation, to answer calls, or convey vital information about your prospective property, may not prove to be any advantage to gaining a great deal. try here for selling quick in Glasgow.

Equally, on the other hand, web-marketing firms on the internet, who claim to be very cheap, have solicitors, who’s quality of service is questionable. Conveyancing services, on the web, can be the best or sometimes mediocre, be aware. Be wary, of any recommendations made by estate agents. The estate agent and solicitor, sometimes work hand in hand, and are based on the highest referral fee, not the best service.

Recommendations, from friends and family, is always a trusted source. But research, and education about UK solicitor firms and processes, is advisable. There is also more information, available via the internet.

Mortgage Redemption Charges

Check, with your lender, if you want to pay off your mortgage. A redemption charge fee may need to be paid. Exit fees have been imposed by lenders, because a growing number of borrowers, have crossed over, to other agencies part way. This is because of affordable cheaper rates. Exit fees, can be more than you expect, when you signed up for your mortgage initially. Discuss, with an independent mortgage broker, if you feel unduly penalised by exit fees. The F.S.A. have latterly ruled, that consumers may be entitled to compensation.

The next step – cost of removals

The definition of a removal company, is a company that moves the possessions of a family, or business from one site to another. Using a professional firm can prove expensive and charges may vary depending on:

* If you box up your possessions yourself

* Where your new house is situated, and how accessible your house is.

* If you need to store your possessions, for any length of time.

Problems can arise with moving, every move is unique, and it is difficult to generalise prices for these professional companies. Use the internet to get an idea of quotes.

If you decide, to save some money, and adopt the do it yourself approach to moving, remember to consider costs for:

* Van hire

* Petrol or diesel

* Insurance for goods in transit.

* Packing materials, suitable to house your beloved possessions securely. can offer double walled boxes, which are sturdy and suitable for your accessories. they are a nationwide company, and they provide a next working day service. You must be prepared for the stressful operation, usually catered for by an organised professional removal firm.

You should check your household contents insurance, that it covers you for the move.If it doesn’t, you may need to pay excess of up to £30.00. Removal firms, can offer to cover you with their own insurance policy. Check this out! Because, their policies, generally are of limited amounts. make sure their policies are adequate to meet your needs, if you go down that route.

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